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Lady pouring fresh water


Here at Daisy & Co. from day one, we challenged ourselves to minimise our environmental impact.  Our vegetables, fish, and meat are sustainably sourced from the British countryside and coast - linking our guests with local growers, fishers, and farmers, some more local than you would expect! We take these conscious decisions beyond food by using sustainable cleaning products and work with companies who carry this same princibles. 

Handsoap and hand gel

Cleaning products

One of the ways in which we do this is by using Fill products. Made by a family-run factory in Northamptonshire a combination of biodegradable ingredients are used to create effective products with no harsh chemicals and together we have banished single use plastic for reusable bottles. 

Reusable cleaning products
Belu water in glass bottle

We’re proud to serve Belu natural mineral water. Belu is a social enterprise who give 100% of their profits to the charity WaterAid, to help make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone, everywhere.

In 2018 they gave a record £1m to WaterAid, bringing their total given to £5m so far, the equivalent of transforming over 333,000 lives worldwide with clean water since 2011.

Belu is carbon neutral, making a forward commitment to reduce carbon footprint each year, with their recycled glass bottles made from at least 40% recycled content. They remain the first and only water brand to have achieved the independent British Standard Institute’s carbon neutrality standard, PAS 2060.

Belu water free water tap

Belu Water

Wild farm and tractor

Wild Farm

The next step we have taken to progress to an even more sustainable business is investing in a 4 acre farm in which we will  source seasonal produce. We believe that to get the best flavour through every dish, inspiration must come from nature and our dishes will be based on what we grow. 35 chickens will  be laying eggs daily to be used on our brunch menu and knowing where our produce comes from allows us to ensure high quality, more nutritious ingredients are used in our dishes.  

This is to support the #farmtotable movement through the use of a circular economy. We divert our food waste and cardboard recycling away from landfill and use within Wild farm to create our 'no dig' growing beds and to feed chickens. The produce grown over time is then delivered back to site to be used in our delicious dishes and the cycle is then repeated thus creating a circle economy.

Fresh egg
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